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Spa Resurface & Spa Repair

Bathroom resurfacing is gaining in popularity as more and more people see the huge time and money saving benefits over a complete renovation. However what happens if you have a spa? Not all resurfacing companies provide this option and that is why many people think the only option is to replace. However at Bathroom Resurfacing you can also choose spa resurfacing as an option. If you have your own spa but it is worn, chipped, stained or dated, you can enjoy the benefits of a new look spa with our Bathroom Resurfacing spa repair Perth service.

spa resurfacing and repair perth

Our spa resurfacing and spa repair Perth options are perfect if your spa is looking less than impressive and especially if you are looking to resurface your entire bathroom, you do not want to stop at your spa bath.

Our re-glazing teams are experts at resurfacing spa bath at your home or commercial business such as hotels or motels. We also can resurface your bathtub, shower tray, sink or basin as well as refreshing the look of tiles without needing to replace them.

Being part of an internally renowned network, here at Bathroom Resurfacing we have the luxury of continual research and development and outstanding support from our international network, so we can provide the perfect spa resurfacing solution no matter what size, material or state your spa is in. All our enamelling products are manufactured in house and contain no hazardous isocyanate chemicals and our team are expertly trained to deliver outstanding results each and every time.

We even have a comprehensive choice of colours so you can get the exact look you are looking for without compromise.

Spa Resurfacing – How it Works

Our spa resurfacing in Perth service can be done in just a few hours. The process includes:

Protecting and covering your entire bathroom and the spa components to ensure there is no damage.

Prime the spa bath by using a top quality, specially formulated chemical etching substance that is manufactured in house to meet our exacting standards. This substance will remove the gloss finish and make the spa porous so the new surface coating can stick to it.

The third step is adhering a high gloss polymer coating evenly and smoothly to create a high lustre and sparkle that resembles a completely new spa bath. This coating fixes effortlessly to all materials including pressed steel, PVC, acrylic and even cast iron.

Finally, we clean the entire area so your bath is left looking beautiful and ready to enjoy the next day.

How Much it Cost to Resurface Spa

Here at Bathroom Resurfacing, we work to a tight schedule so you are not inconvenienced. In many cases, spa resurfacing and spa repair Perth can be completed in less than 4 hours with use of the spa available merely 24 hours later.

While spa repair Perth costs can vary, we can ensure a great price. Plus our free no-obligation quote means you will know how much it will cost beforehand ensuring no hidden fees or costs.

So if you have a damaged, scratched, stain, faded or worn spa bath, do not worry about having to pay for a complete renovation. Our team of spa repair Perth experts will carry out full resurfacing to suit your schedule and budget.