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Form or Function? Why You Should Get a Ceiling Cornice Either Way

ceiling cornice

There is often a clear divide between people when it comes to their personal spaces, whether they value the aesthetics more or the utility. For some people they are willing to sacrifice a little bit of functionality for gorgeous design and others don’t care how something looks as long as it works. That’s why it is so great when there is something that can appease both types of people. Ceiling cornices have many benefits, both aesthetic and useful, which will make anyone want to jazz up their home or office. If you want an installation ceiling cornice repair in Albany, Bunbury, or anywhere else in the southwest region of WA, contact Southern Ceiling Repairs.

What is a ceiling cornice?

The ceiling cornice is a type of moulding that is typically laid beside the joints of ceilings and walls. It can be made with a range of materials from plaster to gypsum to polyurethane. They come in a range of styles, from highly decorative to plain and simplistic. A cornice has many purposes that range from enhancing the aesthetics of a room to aiding its functionality. Modern materials and processes have increased the versatility of cornices which is why there is a surge in demand and not everybody wants a cornice for the same reason.

Aesthetic uses

A cornice design is often subtle, but it can make a huge difference to the character of the room. They can be shaped and coloured to match décor of any kind. The height of the room as well as the size can affect how large your cornices will need to be but other than that the design is up to you. Often designs, whether simple or complex, are chosen in order to conform to the prevailing or desired style of the room. Traditional design elements are incorporated to give an old-fashioned elegant ceiling or sleek and trendy designs for a more modern look. Whatever your decision they will heighten the ambience of the room and create a more striking place.

Functional uses

For some, the aesthetic perks might not draw them in. They are only interested in the utility of the cornice and fortunately they have a lot of practical perks as well. Cornices are frequently used to gloss over any imperfections that exist in the part between the ceiling and the wall. This is a common area for such issues and a simple cornice can make all the difference. Another functional design requires the cornice to extend further than the roof. This is an excellent way to protect your walls from possible water damage as it sends rainwater away.

Call Southern Ceiling Repairs

If you’re ready to get a cornice on your ceiling or if you already have one but want ceiling cornice repair in Albany, Bunbury, or anywhere in the southwest then you should contact Southern Ceiling Repairs. They are always ready to transform your ceiling space, whether it is at home or in the office, into a place of beauty. Get your installation or ceiling cornice repair today whether you’re in Bunbury, Albany, or anywhere in between.