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Basin Resurface & Basin Repair

The bathroom sink is subjected to a lot of wear and tear and so it is no wonder that they can become chipped, cracked or damaged over the years. There is nothing worse than an unsightly vanity unit, yet often times the cost of replacement can put people off from doing something about it. However, with hand basin resurfacing, you can repair your chipped basin without having to spend a large amount of money on a brand new one.

basin resurfacing perth

Through our high quality bathroom sink resurfacing solution, you can get a new-look bathroom without having to go through the inconvenience, time and cost of removing the old basin and installing a new one.

The entire process takes just a few hours. Our highly experienced team will come in, undertake the necessary bathroom basin repairs and prepare your bathroom sink resurfacing using top grade, superior Bathroom Resurfacing enamel.

Bathroom vanity resurfacing is not a short-term solution either. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, so you can be sure your basin will last for years to come.