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6 Bathroom Renovation Checklists


Getting tired of the looks of your old bathroom or you found an inspiring bathroom theme and would like to implement it? Then, remodelling will be your next task because a good-looking, clean and up to date theme bathroom will create a calm and happy atmosphere when you inside it.

There are many bathroom remodelling theme ideas that scattered on the internet. From the sophisticated design to a shabby chic decoration, all of these can be implemented on your bathroom. However, before jumping into the design and choosing the furniture, let’s prepare some of the basics of bathroom renovation.

Bathroom renovation checklists you should take a note.

1. Budget wise

Pretty obvious remodelling a bathroom will cost you which depending on the theme and the size of the bathroom it can be quite costly. Therefore, thorough financial planning and a solid budget are mandatory for the first step. 

The approachable solution is to start reaching your local property builder or the bathroom renovation specialist and ask for their quotation (usually it’s free), so you will have a bigger picture on how much money you need to prepare. The prices may vary due to labour costs and to a lesser extent, materials. Opting in a remodelling contractor or property builder firm that offers fixed pricing is always a better option. 

2. Choosing the Bathroom type

Commonly, there are three types of bathroom, they are a standard bathroom, half bath and wet bathroom, each has its own shape, size and layout. Before deciding your type of bathroom, getting an experienced interior design insight will be advised because they can see any possibility that any common people might have missed. Here are the bathroom types you can choose:

  • Standard Bathroom – If you are living in an older home, there’s a high chance that a standard bathroom is applied which usually contains an all-in-one including a sink, toilet, and a bath, shower, or both because it was meant for the whole family to use. This also applied in a master suite bathroom but it can only be accessed via the master bedroom so it has an additional privacy feature.
  • Half Bath – This type of bathroom is getting popular with the Millennials due to its small size that has only a sink and a toilet. The half bath is usually placed near the dining room or the common room where guests can use it easily without having to invade your personal bathroom space. Surprisingly, in some houses that have the Half Bath installed, it also consists of a mini shower room which is obviously become quite cramped but it works.
  • Wet Bathroom – This type is another form a standard bathroom but without the separation between the shower room and the rest. A wet bathroom might be the easiest to remodel based on whatever theme you have in mind and it makes efficient use of space. Not to mention that a wet bathroom is usually completely waterproofed, including the floor, cabinets, and walls.

3. Managing all of the renovation waste

Even though you have hired the professional in remodelling the bathroom doesn’t mean all of the renovation waste will be managed properly. You still need some kind of products or services to collect all of the accumulated rubbish into one place, so that it won’t hinder the works or making your house looks terrible. Therefore, hiring one skip bin from the local provider might be a good idea, you can just opting in the cheap bin hire that they have to get the job done.

4. Bathroom layout

There are countless variations in bathroom layout it depends on the shape and size of the bathroom area that you want to remodel. The best course of action is to get an experienced interior design to present you with a 3D model of the bathroom then you can easily arrange it based on your preference or theme.

5. Choosing bathroom materials

A bathroom is one of the places in the house that rarely to be remodelled but it can experience two different temperatures (Hot and Cold) simultaneously. Therefore, high-quality materials are mandatory for the bathroom renovation project. Not only its durability is top-notch but also these high-quality materials usually come with additional benefits like easy to clean, withstand harsh chemicals, and look attractive.

6. Accessible for all

The general purpose of a bathroom is that it can be used every day and by anyone including the disabled. Therefore, it might be a great idea to remodel the bathroom based on this concept in mind. 


Remodelling or renovating a bathroom is an exciting project because the result can be experienced by the whole family. That’s why choosing a reliable contractor is necessary to provide you with a satisfactory result. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.