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Top Quality Bathroom Resurfacing in Perth

Bathroom Resurfacing is the leader in bath resurfacing and bath repair. If your bathroom has seen better days, you can rely on us to transform it quickly, to a superior standard and within budget.

Here at Bathroom Resurfacing, we have supplied a top quality bathtub, basin and wall tile repair and re-enamelling service and solutions for over 25 years.

You can be sure to receive uniquely formulated in house manufactured products that meet our exacting standards. So much more than your average bathroom resurfacing company. We carry out ongoing research and development and employ highly trained technicians.  Our superior coating adheres to anything from cast iron to pressed steel, ceramics, PVC and acrylics and unlike some other products being used for resurfacing, the highly specialised Bathroom Resurfacing International enamelling product does NOT contain the dangerous isocyanate chemical.

This is why Bathroom Resurfacing International has become a household name in cost-effective bathroom make over in Australia and around the world.

Why resurface?

Renovating an entire bathroom not only costs a lot of money, but it is time consuming. Bathroom resurfacing can save up to 70% of the average bathroom replacement cost. Just think what you could do with the money you would save by resurfacing your bathroom instead.
You will get a brand-new look bathroom, ready to use within 24 hours without having to worry about the removal of your old bathtub or hand basin, damage to tiles, installation, re-tiling costs, a constant flow of tradesman and the responsibility of removing the accumulated rubbish.
Resurfacing is a quick, ‘no mess, no fuss’ project when handled by our skilled technicians.
In less than three hours your bathtub will have been resurfaced and you can enjoy using it just 24 hours later.

Cast Iron Bathtub Repair

Have an enamel bath, Cast Iron Claw Foot Bathtub, spa or shower?

We can restore your cast iron bath to its original glory and also offer spa Resurface & Spa Repair, shower Tray Resurface & Shower Tray Repair and of course Basin Resurface & Basin Repair services.

Bath Resurface & Bath Repair

If your bathroom is in desperate need of an update but you simply do not have the money to undertake a complete bathroom renovation, then don’t worry. You can still get a great quality, superior looking, stylish bathroom at a fraction of the price. Here at Bathroom Resurfacing, our bath resurfacing service will restore your bathroom so it looks as good as new.
Leaders in bath resurfacing in Perth, we have been transforming bathrooms for homeowners and hotels for decades. Our experience, knowledge and professionalism is what makes us so highly recommended.